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Loft Conversions Chelmsford

When your house was built, it perhaps wasn’t built in the most practical way. Perhaps it doesn’t make optimum use of all the space that is available to you. And as life goes on at home, and your family grows and the amount of things you’ve collects spreads out wider and wider, you find yourself in need of a space that just simply doesn’t exist. Or does it?

Beyond the upstairs ceiling lies a dark, dusty and forgotten world of Christmas decorations, forgotten photobooks and objects which you’re still sure will find a purpose one day. This haven for moths and spiders alike, this unpreoccupied space is full of potential, it is a new canvas for you to work with; it is a loft conversion waiting to happen.

But what about all the stuff in the loft? Let’s be honest – a lot of it is stuff that will never again see the light of day if you leave it there. Other stuff that makes an appearance can be catered for. When it comes to maximising the amount of space you have, including storage space, SAS Lofts are the masters.

So where do you start? Let’s have a chat, see what kind of thing you’re thinking of when it comes to expanding your living space onto a third level. We can work closely together to imagine your perfect loft conversion, and once we’ve drawn out plans with you, we will take on the task of realising your dream home.

Convert your loft in Chelmsford

At SAS Lofts in Chelmsford, we can take your loft and turn it into a new space of your choice. Want to move your bedroom up another floor to make room for the children? Perhaps you want a games room installed in your loft, alternatively, perhaps one of the children is excited about living in the loft – whatever your ideas are, we can make them a reality. And we don’t just make the space liveable, we make it practical and beautiful too.

Maybe you’re interested in having an en suite attached to the master bedroom in the loft. Done. Our team have long term experience in providing families with the right solution when it comes to loft conversions.

How much are Loft Conversions in Chelmsford?

Every single loft conversion that we work on is carried out by an expert team of tradesmen with all the necessary training and qualifications. As such, we deliver a top quality job time after time. But how much are loft conversions in Chelmsford?

Every loft conversion in Chelmsford is different from the next; depending on whether you would like to fit your loft conversion in Chelmsford with an en suite, the extent of wiring, piping and partitioning and the materials that you want to work with will all effect the overall cost of your loft conversion in Chelmsford. But fear not, we’re so confident with our prices that we offer free quotes with no obligation. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and start realising the benefits of optimised space in your home.